Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is there standard lengths for clubs...Thanks, Bill J.

Bill, I typically shy away from offering a finished assembled length for clubs because I am all about every one of my builds being custom fit to each golfer for all the key fitting specs, one of which is length.

Because I do have to choose a starting headweight for each of my builds, even with the weight bore(s) on the heads, there certainly are limits to what any club can be built to for a length and still be able to come out to a reasonable range of swingweight or MOI. But with the headweights choosen and with the heads that have one or two weight bores to add weight to the heads, the range for length fitting for all head models is about as wide as is possible within the whole golf industry - and again, I try to do this because I recognize that with all the different golfers out there, the custom length range has to be as wide as I can make it. All this being said, if I had to publish a "standard" length chart (UGHH!!!) it would be as follows:

MEN (subtract 1" for Women)
Driver - 44",
3wood - 43"
4 wood - 42.5"
5 wood - 42"
7 wood - 41"
9 wood - 40"
11 wood - 39.5"
2-iron - 39.5"
3 iron - 39"
4 iron - 38.5"
5 iron - 38"
6 iron - 37.5"
7 iron - 37"
8 iron - 36.5"
9 iron - 36"
PW - 35 3/4"
AW - 35 3/4"
SW - 35.5"

Bill, sorry about this, but you have no idea how much I HATE having to put down anything like a "standard" length chart for my builds because I am all about CUSTOM FITTING - and as such, I hate thinking of golf clubs on a standard spec basis!!!!!

One golfer, one clubmaker, one set of all custom specifications, never standard is sort of my "mantra". Hope you understand!

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