Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am a female golfer who has a slow swing speed. Do I need a full set of clubs?

Very likely you do not need a full set of clubs (13 clubs and a putter is the legal limit of clubs you may carry). Any golfer who swings a 5 iron under 60 mph will not see enough of a distance gap between a #6 iron (31* loft) and #7 iron (35* loft) for example. In other words, these 2 irons go almost the same distance for a slow swinging player. Lofts in irons are traditionally spaced apart by 4 degrees.

I have sets available (such as the Wishon 730CL set) where lofts are 6* between clubs allowing for normal 10 - 12 yard distance increments between each club. This set is an 8 club set: High lofted driver (16*); (2) fairway woods of 20* and 26*;
(3) irons of 30*, 36*, 42*; and (2) wedges of 48* and 54*. Very simple to understand this set make-up and you are not carrying around several clubs that you have no use for.

I see many, many slow swinging golfers who have 14 clubs in their bag and it is confusing for them to know which club to hit from certain distances. Plus they spent money on clubs they do not need.

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