Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TWGT Original S2S Shaft Designs Offer a Shaft for Every Golfer Swing Type

Tom Wishon Golf Technology S2S iron, hybrid, and wood shafts (S2S is an acronym for "Shaft to Swing") are color coded and designed with specific bend profiles for 5 different swing characterisics.  These 5 characteristics are: 1) Clubhead Speed, 2) Tempo, 3) Transition, 4) Release, 5) Golfer Physical Strength.  These 5 characteristics are then rated 1, 2, or 3.  If we look at Golfer Physical Strength for example, #1 rating would be below average Physical Strength, #2 rating would be average strength, and #3 rating would be for a golfer with above average Physical Strength.  The color codes are Green, White, Black, Blue, and Red.  What I do is record and observe these 5 characteristics, rate each one individually, plug the numbers into the S2S shaft software program, and observe which shaft is then recommended for that particular golfer's swing type.  Very simple yet very, very, effective in getting the proper shaft into YOUR hands for YOUR driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.
No one has made more of a science of matching shaft design characteristics to specific golfer swing types than TWGT. Every year they tweak their shaft design line with new models or make slight changes to existing models so they can offer a golfer a shaft model for any type of golfer swing characteristics.

For 2014, TWGT added on the S2S Green R&S combination flex graphite shafts for woods to further expand the Green shaft designs for average to slightly below average golfer swing characteristics.   They also fine tuned the tip section design on their S2S White wood shafts in all flexes so the White shaft designs can fit not only average player types but very slightly better than average swing characteristics as well.

Coming later in 2014 there will be heavier weight versions of the S2S White wood shafts in R (80G) and S (83g) flexes for those average to slightly better than average players who are stronger than average or slightly more aggressive with their transition/tempo and need a heavier total weight in their driver and woods.

With the addition of the brand new S2S Red iron shafts, golfers now have a heavy weight (>100g) graphite iron shaft designed for better than average to better players who have always liked the feel and the weight of steel iron shafts like the Dynamic Gold or Project X but wish to move into graphite.
Watch for the brand new S2S White Plus R and S flex shafts to come soon for woods. This will be an 80g and 83g heavier weight shafts designed with the same bend profile as the lighter weight S2S White shafts for woods. When doing the updates for the S2S Shaft Fitting Program Software, they determined that they needed to have a heavier weight version of the S2S White for golfers with the Transition, Tempo, and Release characteristics matched to the S2S White, but who also would be above average Strength and/or with a preference for a little heavier total weight.   Watch for the S2S White "Plus" coming soon !!

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